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Ronnie Peters


Thakham, Bangkuntian, Thailand

Thank you to Ronnie Peters who wrote:

My Da

"My Da, Frank Peters, worked for Robert Croan, 'Croan for Kippers'.  There was three Croan brothers:

-  Robert and Joe had separate businesses.

-  I can't recall the name of the 3rd brother.

I also went to a lot of the fishing ports with my Da, to load of the trawlers and take the fish to the markets or to the 'Chappies' dog food factory in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire.

-  He wore a spotless bib and brace and highly polished boots.

-  He had his army greatcoat for the winter, as cab heaters were a rarity in those days.

-  He also worked with Saddler's Transport for a long time in the 1960s.

I worked for Charles Alexander & Partners.  We were in the depot next to Saddles in Tower Street, Leith.  Mr Shaw's cafe was at the end of Tower Street, at the dock gates.

We had a driver named Francie Renton who drove the fish motor from Newhaven to the fish shops around Edinburgh. Bobby Cairns also worked with Saddlers Transport."

Ronnie Peters ('Rocky'), Thakham, Bangkuntian, Thailand:  September 27, 2014


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