Drayage Business

Salamander Street, Leith





George Renton

Mississauga, Ontario,  Canada

Thank you to George Renton who wrote:

My Dad

"My Dad who was born in Leith, part of a good sized family was taken under the wing along with one of his brothers by a gent who I believe was named Robertson, who had a drayage business with 150 draft horses.  I think I recall him pointing out the location on Salamander Street,  outside one of the dock gates.

My Dad sold coal there on Saturdays at age 8.  He mentioned a bull that was in the yard ?   He continued within Robertson's employ, and ran a two-horse team, hauling sand, and seaweed off the beach.  

He drove for BRS, and ran fish for Thomas Devlin, Walter Payton, Joe Croan, Carnie and Gibb.  He also worked for David Dow, Charles Alexander, and on the 'Liverpool Trunk' for Saddlers Transport.  He stopped driving when we emigrated to Canada in 1965." 

Robertson's Horses

"Robertson may have had a breeding farm located in the borders.  Funny thing, though - my dad worked with horses for many years. 

He told me he had to file their teeth, if they weren't feeding right, as indicated by their dung.  In his later years he was very leery of them.  He told me they could be vicious animals at times."

George Renton,  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada:   22 May 2018


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