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Thank you to Irene Beaver (née Brown), now living in Kirkliston, West Lothian, who wrote:

Fringe Plays

"I am following up my sell-out play from the 2006 Fringe, 'Stooshie at the Store' set in St Cuthbert's Bread Street Store in 1959, with a sequel, hopefully to be produced by Edinburgh People's Theatre during the 2008 Fringe.

This one is called 'Stramash at the Store'.  It's still set in Bread Street Store, but we've jumped to the week in 1962 just before King Olav's State Visit to Scotland. 

I'd welcome any photos or reminiscences from that time from your contributors."

Irene Beaver (née Brown), Kirkliston, West Lothian, September 29, 2007

Irene added:


"I was brought up in the South Side attending Preston Street School and Boroughmuir and going to Buccleuch Parish Church for Sunday School and Brownies and Nicholson Street Church for Guides.

My Dad, Bobby Brown, was also from the South Side and was the Display Manager in St Cuthbert's Bread Street Store and a Director on the board of St Cuthbert's.  I met a lot of his old colleagues whilst researching my last play and met up with many stalwarts of the Store who contacted me after an article in the Evening News.

Dad met my mother in the Store and they married during the war spending their two day honeymoon in North Berwick."

Irene Beaver (née Brown), Kirkliston, West Lothian, September 29, 2007

If you have any photos of reminiscences for Irene, please e-mail me and I will pass them on to her.

Thank you.    - Peter Stubbs:  September 29, 2007




Thank you to Irene Day (née Sharrock) who wrote:

"I remember Irene Beaver (née Brown)  she was in the same guides as me at Nicholson Street .

I was interested reading about the plays she has mentioned connected with Bread Street Store. 

My Granny lived in St Leonards Hill so I know the South side well."

Irene Day (née Sharrock), Wigan, Lancashire: September 29, 2007


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