St Francis'

Junior School




Rose Fotheringham (née Sands)

Naples, Florida, USA

Rose Fotheringham wrote:


"I attended St Ann's (1947-49) then we moved to Niddrie Mains Terrace and I attended St Francis' (1949-54).

Some of the teachers that I remember from St Francis' are:

-  Mr Davidson, Headmaster.

-  Miss Curran.

-  Joe Dykes.

-  Mrs Stalks.

-  Miss Hill, Gym Teacher."


"I remember that every Friday, we would leave the school and get the bus, with our towels, swimsuits and 'shivery bites' , to go up to Sciennes School for our swimming lessons.

Then, we changed to using the pool in Portobello. 

I have lots of great memories!

I passed my 'Qually' at St Francis', then attended St Thomas' (1954-57)."

Rose Fotheringham (née Sands), Naples, Florida, USA, September 9, 2012


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