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Morag Hiskett

(née Gordon)

Wiltshire, England

Thank you to Morag Hiskett (née Gordon), Wiltshire, England, who wrote:

Reunion in 2017

"I originally came from Easter Ross, Scotland, and was sent to Edinburgh to board at St Margaret's School, Newington.  The boarding house was located in Lasswade, approximately 7 miles from the school, and it was extremely strict.

I'm organising a reunion specifically for the girls - boarders and daygirls - who were in the same year as me at St Margaret's School.  The reunion will  be held in 2017, the year that we all turn 60.

These girls would have left St Margaret's in 1974 (after 5th Form) or in 1975 (after 6th Form). 

As far as I am aware, we've not had a reunion before, so it's quite a task."

Morag Hiskett (née Gordon), Wiltshire, England:  18 + 31 January + 28 February, 2016

Janet Ireland

Where are you?

Morag tells me that she would like to contact Janet Ireland, who has contributed to the EdinPhoto web site, to see if she is the same Janet Ireland as attended St Margaret's School, Newington.

I've passed on, to Morag, the latest email address that I have for the Janet Ireland who contributed to the EdinPhoto web site but, unfortunately, this email address appears to be no longer in use.

So if you are the Janet Ireland who contributed to the EdinPhoto web site and/or the Janet Ireland who attended St Margaret's School, Newington, can you please email me, then I'll pass on your current email address to Morag.   

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  27  February 2016


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