Primary School




Elizabeth Fraser (née Betty Simpson)

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Elizabeth Fraser wrote:


"I remember the name of a lovely teacher at Stockbridge Primary School.  It was a Mr Younger.

He was so kind and gentle, and very encouraging. Due to various family problems, I was ‘off school' for a short while when we first moved to Stockbridge,  which left me a class behind, but when it came time to sit for the ‘Qualifying Exam', he was concerned  enough to make sure that I sat the exam and got to Bellevue High School at the appropriate age and time. 

I always remember he wore soft, well shined, leather boots.  He was a teacher of the ‘old brigade’ who seemed to really enjoy what he was doing."

Elizabeth Fraser (née Simpson), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia:  June 6, 2011





John Richardson

Chilcompton, Somerset, England

Thank you to John Richardson who wrote:

Football Jerseys

"In 1946 Madame Doubtfire donated a complete set of red and black football jerseys to Stockbridge school.

The war had just finished and we had nothing that was not second hand.

I remember running home on Friday, putting the shirt on until bedtime and having a fairly sleepless night thinking of playing at Warriston in the morning."

John Richardson, Chilcompton, Somerset, England:  20 January 2018


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