Union Street

off Leith Walk, Leith


Thank you to Joyce Messer, now living in North Island, New Zealand,  for telling me about her time spent at Trinity Academy in the late 1940s.

Joyce wrote:

Grandma Nichol

"My parents were from Scotland (father Glasgow and mother Edinburgh) but moved to Cheshire before WW2.

My mother had grown up in Union St off Leith Walk and  coming up from England for  summer holidays my sister and I used to stay with Grandma Nichol on the top flat, No 19, Union Street,  which  for years we were sure was a skyscraper.

I certainly remember hurdy-gurdy men (one with a monkey)  and many beggars in Leith Walk which, after rural Cheshire, was very disquieting.

Joyce Messer, North Island, New Zealand,  December 18, 2006

Joyce and her family returned to Edinburgh in 1947.

Joyce then attended Trinity Academy


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