Victoria School

Main Street, Newhaven




 Shaun Hanlon

Middlesbrough, Teesside, England


I have been looking at the old photos of Newhaven.  I went to Vicky Primary.  I remember them digging the foundations for the new houses,  There were thousands of sea shells, 

I remember trying to look for dinosaur bones, not that I found any. 

Shaun Hanlon:  Middlesbrough, Teesside, England;  March 17, 2006




Graham D Lonie (Scotty)

Antigua, Leeward Islands, Caribbean

Thank you to Graham D Lonie (Scotty), now living and working in Antigua, Leeward Islands, Caribbean for his recollections of Victoria school.

Graham wrote:



"I lived on Annfield Road in the early fifties, where I attended Victoria School. I had the duty of delivering the crates of milk to the classrooms by sliding them down the slick concrete floor of the corridor to the classrooms."


"Somehow an image that seems to stay with me is a display case in the main hallway containing a stuffed Dodo amongst other exotic creatures."


"I also remember a Mr. Mackenzie who was a headmaster there.  He had a huge red mustache."

Graham D Lonie (Scotty), Antigua, Leeward Islands, Caribbean  September 23, 2007




W Hume

Thank you to W Hume for allowing me to reproduce pages from a 'Victoria School Centenary 1844-1944' leaflet that he found

Please click on the thumbnail images below to enlarge them:

Four pages from the Centenary Souvenir Leaflet

    Victoria Primary School  -  Centenary Souvenir Leaflet, 1944 ©          Victoria Primary School  -  Centenary Souvenir Leaflet, 1944 ©          Victoria Primary School  -  Centenary Souvenir Leaflet, 1944 ©          Victoria Primary School  -  Centenary Souvenir Leaflet, 1944 ©

Reproduced with acknowledgement to W Hume:  April 28, 2011



Eric Arbuckle

Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland

Class Photo

Thank you to Eric Arbuckle for sending me a photo of a class from Victoria Primary School, probably Primary 6, taken around 1958.  Please click on this thumbnail image to see a copy of the photo and read the names of some of the pupils.

Victoria Primary School, Newhaven  -  School Class Photo, around 1948, probably Primary 6 ©


Eric wrote:

Mayfield House

"Many of the pupils were from Mayfield House, a home for children on East Trinity Road which later became part of the Leonard Cheshire organisation. They proceeded to school each morning by foot, along East Trinity Road, Stanley Road and The Whale Brae, in ‘crocodile’ formation."

The Primary Department

"The 4 classrooms making up the Primary Department were in the annexe, now demolished. They were extensively decorated with coloured prints of paintings by R Gemmel Hutchinson, William MacTaggart and EA Hornel."

Writing on Slates

"The Primary 1 class were taught to write on slates, using ‘scribes’ when chalk was in short supply!  A small rag was provided for ‘rubbing out’.  This could be be dampened at ‘playtime’ and ‘dinnertime’."

Martial Music and Salutes

"Pupils were admitted in the morning – summoned by a hand bell, then marched in, one class at a time, to recorded martial music. Teachers stood at their classroom door and were saluted by boy pupils of each class as they passed."

Radio Transmissions

"Some of the classrooms were divided by heavy glazed partitions so that classes could be combined for e.g. lessons transmitted by radio."

Overhead Ball

"Sporting facilities being scarce, the girls were drilled in an inane ‘sport’ called ‘overhead ball’.  Small demands on space and equipment were involved.

The boys were wont to mock this activity, but when the inevitable challenge took place, the girls won – easily!"


"Teachers that I remember were:

-  Miss Howie (or Hewitt),

Miss Carnie (newly qualified),

Mrs. Martin,

Mrs. Graham,

Miss Campbell, Mrs. Addison.

Mr Lindores.

Mr. Butcher was the Head Master until he retired. He was superseded by Mr. McKenzie"


"Our class attended two camps in the autumn - Broomlee and Middleton"

Eric Arbuckle, Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland:  27 October 2015


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