Wightman Family

Egg Merchants


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Alastair James Berry

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Alastair James Berry who wrote:

At School in 1945

"About  April 1945 (the  war was  still on) I was a school kid and a friend of the Bobby Wightman family, Egg Merchants in Edinburgh. 

The company was based near Dublin Street, but the family lived on Mayfield Road near King's Buildings.  Their house cost 1,800, about 1943. The previous owner of the house had had a pet monkey, and the place stank initially!"

Egg Packing Station in Orkney

"Well, in Stromness, Orkney, there was an egg packing station  and I helped  out  there  for a  month or  so.  I returned to Leith on the Leith steamship, 'The Amelia'. 

I remember that when we reached Leith Harbour, the Captain, named Moody,   produced a  megaphone and bellowed: "Open the bridge!"  as  we  approached the  berth  on The  Shore, which incidentally was  outside  the  customs  area."

The Wightman Family

"John Wightman had 3 sons:

-  ROBERT, who was in the egg business.  His children were Margaret who married Gordon Wilkinson (Leyland Trucks) and John.

DRYSDALE, an Accountant who had 2 daughters.

WILLY, a  Doctor  down Broughton way, as I remember  it."

Alastair James Berry, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada: (Retired, Age 86)  21 June 2016


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