Edinburgh's Photographic Societies


Edinburgh's Photographic Societies

Midlothian Camera Club

1909 Exhibition

The second Exhibition of the Midlothian Camera Club was held in 1909 in the Synod Hall in Edinburgh. 

The catalogue with its sixteen half-tone reproductions and frontispiece portrait of the President, Dr Drinkwater, was praised.    [BJP 1909,  p.365]

Mr Robert Burns ARSA was the sole judge.


Photographs Exhibited

Over 300 pictures were entered, most from Scotland, including work from the Edinburgh photographers:

 John Moffat
Fine oil portraits showing the suitability of the process to professional work.

 Edward Drummond Young
Well represented, including two open-air pictures, one being a glorious cloudscape

-   ER Yerbury
Also well represented.


Older items Exhibited

Also exhibited were:

 paper negatives of old Edinburgh taken 50 years earlier by the late
Dr Thomas Keith, and loaned by Miss Keith.

 colour photography by Dr Inglis Clark - autochromes, Thames plate and three-colour carbon work.