Horatio Ross

Early Life

Horatio Ross was born at Rossie Castle in Forfarshire on 5 September 1801.   He was  named after his godfather Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.

He joined the 14th Light Dragoons in 1821 and retired as Captain in 1826. 

He won large sums in prizes for shooting and steeplechasing in the late-1820s.

He became a Member of Parliament for Aberdeen in 1831. Some reports say 1832.

In 1834, he married Justina Henriette, daughter of Colin Macrae, chief of the clan Macrae.

Source:  Biography by JAD, which  gave the following sources for his biography:

-  Sportascrapiana [CH Wheeler]
-  Field [11 Dec 1886}
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Acknowledgement to Janet Beale, Sydney, Australia for supplying the biography by JAD.
I've not yet discovered who JAD is, or in which book this biography was published.


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