Portrait of

Mrs Horatio S Ross?

... or is it

Elsie Nina Stock Bower?


 Mrs Horatio Ross  -  Probably Mrs Horatio Seftenberg Ross, wife of the eldest son of the ealry Edinburgh photographer, Horatio Ross

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Steve Beadle, Gillingham, Kent


Mrs Horatio S Ross

Thank you to Steve Beadle, Gillingham, Kent for sending me the photograph above.

This photo comes from the studio of William Crooke who was based at 103 Princes Street from 1883 until 1925.  It is numbered 23534.  From the style of this cabinet print, it appears to me to be probably from around the 1890s.

Steve believes that the picture is of Mrs Horatio Seftenberg Ross.

Horatio Seftenberg Ross was born in 1834.  He was the eldest son of the early Scottish photographer, Horatio Ross, who was a prominent member of the Photographic Society of Scotland that met in Edinburgh in the 1850s and 1860s.

Horatio Ross

     Horatio Ross  -  Amateur photographer


Elsie Nina Stock Bower?

Thank you to Alison Ramos, USA, grand-daughter of Horatio S Ross, who emailed me in October 2006 telling me:

Elsie Nina Stock Bower?

"The photo that you show as possibly being Mrs H. S. Ross is not my great grandmother. She was a Caroline St. George.

 I have photos of her from the late 1890s when she was already an old lady. Much loved and known to the family as Granny Ross.

I think the photo you show is of Elsie Nina Stock Bower. She married Horace's son Horatio St. George in 1895. He died in 1913."

Alison Ramos, USA:  May 2005




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