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Horatio Ross was born in 1801 at Rossie Castle in Forfarshire and named after his godfather Lord Nelson.  He was described as being:

"one of the best athletes and sportsmen of his day in the early part of the present century"  and as  "a shot without equal"  and "one of the best riders of the day."

It was reported that he won the first steeplechase on record, that he together with 3 of his 5 sons was part of a team of 8 shooting for Scotland in 1863, and that he was regularly out on the 12th [August], having shot his last stag in the season of 1884.

The Scottish Highlander, 9 Dec 1886   and   Obituary The Scotsman,  7 Dec 1886

Rifle Shooting

Thank you to Deborah A. Sabalo for providing the following information:

Deborah wrote:

"Horatio Ross, and his son, Edward, were leading lights in the Volunteer movement.  Edward, one of Horatio's five sons, was the winner of the first Queen's Prize in 1860.

Horatio was captain of a number of winning teams at Wimbledon in the 1860's and 70's.

Another early photographer, Roger Fenton, took photographs of that first meeting, including his 'Queen's Target'."

Deborah A. Sabalo who is currently studying for  M.Phil in History at York University on the social history of the annual rifle contest at Wimbledon in the years 1860-1889.


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