EPS Art Union

The EPS Open Exhibition in 1905 and for several years thereafter was advertised as




The Proposal

This EPS Art Union was an arrangement designed to encourage photographic work of a high standard.

-  One ticket was given annually to each EPS member.  Further tickets could be bought for 6d each.

-  A draw to select the winning tickets was made during the EPS Open Exhibition.  Prizes from 3 Gns to 1/2 Gn were awarded.
[3 Gns = 3 +3 shillings = 3.15]

-  EPS purchased photographs from the Open Exhibition to the total value of the prizes.  It was common at this time for exhibitors in open exhibitions to offer their photographs for sale.

-  The winners of the draw selected the pictures they wished to have with a total value equal to their prizewinnings.

The Result

At the conclusion of the EPS Open Exhibition in 1905, the Art Union scheme was declared a success.  In addition to the 11 0s 6d voted by the EPS Council to be set aside for the scheme, tickets to the value of 13 1s 0d had been sold.  The whole sum, 24 1s 6d was used to purchase pictures as prizes, from amongst the pictures exhibited in the exhibition.

 [Transactions of the EPS;  April 1905, p.109]

Presentation Print

The EPS Art Union replaced the Society's earlier 'Presentation Print' scheme, whereby the Society selected a print (often a Medal-winning print from a previous year's exhibition) and presented a copy of the print to each member of the Society.