EPS Member

Robert H Bow

Photographic Journals

Robert H Bow wrote Papers on optics for the British Journal of Photography and for the British Journal Almanac, and was a very active supporter of Edinburgh Photographic Society in its early days.

Obituary:  British Journal of Photography 1909,  P290

Lectures to EPS

Robert H Bow was a Member of Edinburgh Photographic Society from the year of its inception, 1861, until his death on 17 February 1909.  The British Journal of photography reported:

Mr Bow had attained the great age of 82, and therefore had largely outlived the reputation of his optical and scientific investigations carried out about the middle of the last century.

[Obituary:  British Journal of Photography 1909,  P290]

For a full list of the topics covered by RH Bow in his lectures to EPS Wednesday evening meetings, please see list of lectures.   The first of these lectures was delivered in 1861 and the last in 1896.

Civil Engineer

Thank you to Tom Swailes, currently researching for a biographical dictionary of civil engineers, for telling me of R H Bow's involvement in the civil engineering field.

Tom Swailes tells me that R H in civil engineering circles R H Bow is probably best known as the man who made calculations for the bridges of Thomas Bouch, engineer for the first Tay Bridge. 

 Bow's two books are both concerned with structural analysis using principles developed by James Clerk Maxwell