EPS Member

W Forbes Boyd


W Forbes Boyd gave 12 lectures to Edinburgh Photographic Society between 1940 and 1950.  Please click here for further details.


W Forbes Boyd's obituary appeared in the Edinburgh Photographic Society Bulletin, 1960-61 [Vol XIV, No 53].

It reported that:

-  he joined EPS in 1939.

-  he become EPS President, 1948

-  he had many prints in exhibitions and was an exhibition judge.

-  his interests included, exhibitions,  multiple image printing, paper negative work and lantern slid making.

-  his lectures and demonstrations were popular, and often included gadgets made by himself to help his photographic techniques.


I have been asked whether W Forbes Boyd (above) was the same person as, or was related to W Forbes Boyd who lived in Didsbury, Manchester in 1910, whose interests around that time included pot-holing in the northern Pennines and climbing in Derbyshire.

If you are able to help answer this question, can you please email me.

Thank you.