EPS Member

Douglas J Fraser

Douglas Fraser was born in 1910.


He joined EPS in 1936 and became EPS Secretary 1938-41.

He was EPS Portfolio Secretary from 1941 until at least 1962.

He had Acceptances for 15 successive years in the EPS Open Exhibition.

He received the Centenary Medal for his services to the Society.


Two anthologies of poems by Douglas Fraser have been produced:

-  Landscape of Delight  (1967)

-  Rhymes of Auld Reekie  (1988)

Several of these poems were first published in the Edinburgh Photographic Society Bulletin.  These poems, typically featuring Edinburgh and Scotland can be found on this web site. 


In his later years, Douglas spent less time on photography and more time on his paintings.


When I first met Douglas, in the 1960s, he spoke of his early mountaineering adventures, including trips by motor-cycle across the "old road" to Glencoe.

Douglas died in the 1990s