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Alexander Wilson Hill JP




Banking and Photography

A W Hill was born in Girvan in 1867  He became a Bank Manager with the Commercial Bank of Scotland, working for a time at Lochboisdale in South Uist.  After dabbling in painting in the 1880s, he turned to photography in the 1890s. 

He exhibited widely across Europe receiving numerous trophies and awards. He became a longstanding member of Edinburgh Photographic Society.

[A Companion Guide to Photography in the National Galleries of ScotlandPubl. Trustees of NGS, 2001].



Boroughmuir Commercial Institute

A W Hill taught photography at the Boroughmuir Commercial Institute in Edinburgh.  The Press reported in 1932 that the Edinburgh photographer, Edward Roper Yerbury,

"was awarded a prize in the Johnson competition for flashlight photographs in the recent London Exhibition with a portrait of the teacher of his class, Mr AW Hill, taken during a lesson in flashlight photography"


EPS Exhibitions


A W Hill had many of his photographs accepted in Edinburgh Photographic Society Exhibitions.  Here are some of the awards that he received.


EPS Open Exhibition

Medal for print: 'Mo Nighean'


EPS Open Exhibition

Honourable Mention for print:  'Bos'n'


EPS Open Exhibition

Honourable Mention for print: 'Greyfriars'

'One Man Exhibition'

In the 1920s, Edinburgh Photographic Society staged several 'One Man Exhibitions' in their premises.

A W Hill's prints were on display from 31 March to 12 April 1924.

Later Exhibitions

A W Hill's continued to exhibit.  His print, "Crail", was selected for the EPS Open Exhibition, 1937.

He was one of the Judges (Selectors) for:

  -  the EPS Members' Exhibition, 1933

  -  the EPS Open Exhibition, 1938.



European Exhibitions

Bromoil Transfer Print

The book 'A Companion Guide to Photography in the National Galleries of Scotland' includes a reproduction of a bromoil transfer print by A W Hill, exhibited in Paris in 1926.

This is one of many prints (including a large number of Hill & Adamson Prints) that were donated by Edinburgh Photographic Society to the National Galleries of Scotland in 1987.


EPS Lectures

A W Hill gave several lectures Edinburgh Photographic Society:

15 Jan 1930

to EPS

(with demonstration)

17 Dec 1930

to EPS

New Simplified Bromoil Process
(with demonstration)

7 Oct 1931

to EPS

The Camera

12 Oct 1932

to EPS

Bromoil Transfer
(with demonstration)

20 Dec 1933

to EPS

(with demonstration)

5 Dec 1934

to EPS

Bromoil  and Bromoil Transfer

20 Nov 1935

to EPS

Landscape Photography

7 Feb 1937

Technical Lecture
to EPS Practical Section

The Bromoil Transfer

8 Nov 1944

to EPS Practical
Photography Section

Bromoil & Transfer


Edinburgh Society of Professional Photographers

A W Hill was an amateur phtographer, but on  3 November 1930, he gave a lecture to the Edinburgh Society of Professional Photographers, entitled: 'On the Oleobrom Process'.

He described Oleobrom as

"a simple and practical method of making oil prints, devised by Messrs Wellington & Ward; a process that can be done without the special training that is required for making bromoil prints."


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