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Norman Macbeth


Norman Macbeth

Norman MacBeth  -  Amateur photographer

  Reproduced by courtesy of National Galleries
of Scotland.
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Painter and Photographer

Norman Macbeth was a portrait painter and amateur photographer.  He was an EPS Member from the 1860s until the 1880s.  

He gave several lectures to EPS showing how the principles of painting could be applied to photography.  Over two evenings in 1868, he presented the lecture:  "On the Importance of a few of the Leading Principles of the Art of Drawing and their bearing on Photography"

 [BJP 1868,  p.607 for EPS Meeting:  BJP 1869,  p.??  for reproduction of the Paper.]

EPS President

Norman MacBeth exhibited in the major EPS Exhibition in 1876, and became EPS President in 1884.