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Dorothy S Young

New EPS Member

Dorothy Young was featured in the EPS Bulletin, in November 1962, in a short articles in the series: 'Members you may like to meet'.

Dorothy was educated at Mary Erskine School and at Edinburgh University. 

The article commented on Dorothy's photography:

"Interest in photography did not start very early in life, but only when she thought she was getting a bit too old for golf (up to then her ruling passion) and wanted a hobby for her declining years."  

In fact, Dorothy's interest in photography lasted for over 55 years!  She joined EPS in 1950, then moved to Glasgow where she was a member of the Scottish Ramblers' Association Camera Club.  Then she joined EPS again in 1955.

Dorothy's first camera was VPK.  By 1962, she was using:

- a Rolliecord for black and white photography for record work
  a simple Contina for colour work.

[EPS Bulletin 62, November 1962]


Dorothy obituary, written by Rosemary Davidson (a member of EPS since the 1950s) appeared in the February 2006 edition of the EPS Bulletin.

Rosemary described Dorothy as a stalwart of the society.  Poor health prevented Dorothy from attending meetings in recent years, but she never lost interest in the society's affairs, even when in her nursing home.  The nursing home staff brought her to see the annual EPS International Exhibitions.

Dorothy was an original member of the EPS Colour Group.  This group began in 1956 and is still active.  She donated the Young Cup to be awarded for Colour Group competitions.

Dorothy entertained EPS members and led them on walks from her cottage at Yetholm in the Scottish Borders. 

She regularly attended EPS Summer Wednesday Walkabouts and was a member of the EPS Pictorial Group and EPS Record Group.

[EPS Bulletin Vol 60, February 2006]