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Change of Topics

During the 1920, very few of the EPS lectures dealt with Photography and Art, or with the showing of travel photographs.  

Instead, the emphasis was on processing the picture - many of the lectures including demonstrations.

Mr Berry must have noticed this change in subject matter of the Lectures  In the 1923 EPS debate, he spoke in favour of the motion:

That this Society Devotes Too Much Time to the Making of Pictures.

Some lectures dealt with the theory of photography:  

-  Elementary Chemistry as applied to Photography.

Others  dealt with the practice of photography:

- Some Practical Processes  [demonstration]

The Different Stages of Photography

All stages of creating the photograph were covered:

- taking the photograph      - Pictorial Composition

- processing the negative  - The Art of Developing

- preparing the negative     - Retouching the Landscape Negative

- making the print                    - The Principles of Oil and Bromoil Printing

- presenting the print          Mounting  [with demonstration]

Photographic Processes

A surprising number of lectures dealt with the subject of colour photography.  It was to be another 50 years before EPS established a Colour Group for workers in colour photography.

Photographic processes included photogravure, bromoil, carbo transfer and lantern slides.  A couple of lectures were given by manufacturers.

-  Cinematography  [demonstration by Pathé Bros’ representative] 

-  Panchromatism  [provided by the Imperial Dry Plate Co ]

...and Other Topics

Several lectures were gave advice on portraiture.  Other described the use of photography for architecture, horticulture, and aerial photography.

Scientific subjects covered included:

X-Ray Photography 


Non-scientific lectures included:

The Question of Spirit Photography

Psychic Photography.



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