EPS Wednesday Meetings - Overview


Regular Features

Some lectures were repeated from year to year during the 1930s:

-   A Symposium on Holiday Photography, with lantern slides
[every year]

-   A Meeting of Portfolio Contributors and others interested
 [most years]

-   Gadgets” and “Bring your Troubles”
[1935 onwards]

-   "The Beginner and His Troubles"  and other instructural lectures [mid-1930s] 

John Trail gave lectures on the work of painters including:

-  The Seventeenth Century Great Masters

-   Great Landscape Painters, together with lectures on Constable and Turner.


Many lectures were devoted to travel, both in Scotland and further afield including:

-  Up and Down the Tweed

-  An English Motor Tour

-  Leica goes to Italy

Mysterious Egypt.


There were many documentary subjects, including:

 Salvage of the Fleet at Scapa Flow

Aerial Photography

Architectural Photography

-  Fire!  The Edinburgh Fire Brigade at Practice and at Work

Some Photographic Follies

Other Subjects

There were very few lectures on nature photography, and none on scientific subjects - X-ray photography, microphotography or optics.

There were fewer lectures on colour photography than in the 1920s, but cine photography remained popular , including:

-  A Talk on the West Indies [illustrated with lantern slides and 350 ft of ciné film]

However, there were demonstrations of the epidiascope and flashlight photography, lectures on the paper negative, bromoil and other printing processes and a Meeting of Miniature Camera workers, and a lecture:

The Small Negative - Is it Worth While?


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