EPS Wednesday Meetings - Overview


Sponsored Lectures

Travelogue lectures were fewer in the 1950s, particularly after 1953, except for lectures on mountain photography.  

Lantern slides, ciné photography and bromoil printing were still being practised, but accounted for very few lectures.

Instead, lectures sponsored by  manufacturers, particularly Kodak and Ilford,  had become very popular.


G E Williamson held an annual meeting in the early 1950s:

Reviewing and Demonstrating new apparatus, etc.

There were regular Gadget Nights, and lectures giving advice on:

Making your own Enlarger 

-  Home-made Cameras and Other Gadgets 


Two debates were held, in 1952 and 1957 respectively on:

Is Multiple Printing Inherently Dishonest? 

Monochrome Photography is Outdated

Exhibitions and Competitions

Exhibitions and Competitions began to play a more prominent part in EPS activities. 

A popular subject for lectures throughout the 1950s was Making the Exhibition Print.  Lectures were given by:

- Gracie Alison

- George Cruickshank

-  A H MacLucas

-  Len Roberts

-  Robert Strathdee

-  others.

Club Nights

From the mid-1950s there was a regular monthly Club Night.  

Each Club Night was in three parts

-   Monthly Competition

-   Instructional Lecture

 One Man Show.

Amongst the presenters of One  Man Shows, there were:

-  M W Elphinstone

-  John Knight

-  Iain Smith

-  Douglas Fraser

-  John Black

-  Marion Boron

-  Gracie Alison-

-  Dr. Alexander Dunbar

-  J Dewar


Extensive advice was given on processing the negative and making the print  with lectures on:

-  Multiple Printing



Oil Reinforcement

Mounting and  Presentation 

-  Monochrome Prints from Colour Transparencies


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