EPS Wednesday Meetings - Overview


Meetings throughout the Week

By the 1960s EPS was well established in its new premises and was holding meetings throughout the week.

Monday evenings: ........ Colour Group

Tuesday evenings:   .... Refresher Course

Wednesday evenings:. General Meetings

Thursday evenings:... .. Beginners’ Course

Friday evenings:........... Studio Group and Pictorial Group

Wednesday Meetings

Here we look at the activities on the Wednesday evenings, and find a comprehensive coverage o

- Travel and Landscape

One square furlong of Edinburgh 

-   Eastward to the Antarctic and 

-   Crossing the Ice Cap.

- Portraits, now accounting for as many lectures as Travel:

-   Faces and Fashion

-   Portraiture for Theatres and Films

- Processing, with a wide range of subjects;  one lecture each on:

-   Bromoil


-   Tone Separation

   and several lectures on: 

-   Multiple Printing.

- Pictorialism:

The Seeing Eye

-  Pictorialism in Landscape

Pictorialism - Is it Luck or Hard Work? 


A regular visitor was G E Williamson from Glasgow who brought to EPS each year: 

- a car load of equipment to show and discuss.  

35 mm cameras were now being more widely used, but far from universal.  In 1969, when four prominent members were invited to discuss their choice of cameras, they brought:




¼ plate with rising front

Colour Photography

In the 1960s, there were still occasional lectures on Bromoil, Lantern Slides and Ciné film. But far more numerous were the lectures on Colour Photography:

-  Taking the photograph:

An Eye for Colour

Photographing People in Colour Outdoors

Processing the print:

Colour Printing for Amateurs

Colour Printing from Colour Negatives

Black and White from Colour

Colour Prints from Monochrome Negatives

Photographers show Their Own Work

Sponsorship of lectures by Kodak, Ilford and other manufacturers continued until the mid-1960s, then were held far less frequently.

Replacing the sponsored lectures of earlier years, a variety photographers from EPS and further afield gave lectures showing their work.  

In some cases the title chosen for their lectures was creative, making the subject of the lecture not entirely clear:

-  Boats in the Belfry

-  Some Bridges I have crossed

-  Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

-  Mind over Matter.

Competitions and Exhibitions

Competitions and exhibitions were regular features in the 1960s.  

As well as the Monthly EPS Competitions, an evening was devoted to criticism of prints in the Members’ Exhibition.  

There were visiting exhibitions, and advice for members considering applying for an RPS Distinction

-  Preparing an ARPS Panel

G W G MacLennan gave a talk in 1963 entitled:

-  M O Dell - The Man and his Pictures. 

M O Dell had, himself, delivered lectures to EPS on three occasions between 1950 and 1957.



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