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Charles J Cousland


Charles J Cousland delivered lectures to Edinburgh Photograpic Society:

-  7 Mar 1934:  Modern printing and the camera

-  6 Mar 1946:  Three colour process

What else is known about Charles J Cousland?

John Stevenson, Edinburgh, writes:


On 8 Oct 1934, Charles J Cousland was elected President of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts.


He was the Chairman of the Broughton Ward ( Edinburgh) Unionists  and Chairman of the Edinburgh Council of Social Services.


On 6 Jul 1937 Charles J Cousland gave a lecture on "Colour Printing for Horticulture" to the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society.


Could he rather have been a member of the Cousland family who had a printing business in the City?

John Stevenson, Edinburgh:  March 7, 2009




Thank you to Maryam Golding (née Cousland), Richmond, Surrey who wrote:


"Charles J Cousland, who founded the printers by the same name, was my grandfather.   He was a partner with Cummings the printers.

He also pioneered the Scotsman Calendar, or so I was told .

He had a dream that his five sons would follow him into his business, but sadly this did not happen and his business slowly lost momentum."

Maryam Golding (née Cousland), Richmond, Surrey, England:
Message posted in EdinPhoto guest book:  July 6, 2009




Thank you to Jack Craig who added

Scotsman Calendar

"Maryam Golding (1 above) mentions that C J C  was involved with the Scotsman Calendar.  He certainly printed it from four colour letterpress plates produced by Hislop and Day, process engravers.

These plates were 16 gauge copper, mounted on Honduras Mahogany and the run was so long they had to be chromium plated to last the run.  They were a well respected company and were in Queen Street Edinburgh.

I worked on these plates and sometimes had the task' as an apprentice' of taking them to a company in Johnston Terrace to have the chromium platting done."

Jack Craig, Silverknowes, Edinburgh:  July 9, 2009


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