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C L Abernethy

2 Apr 1924

The Chemical Action of Light 

J C Adam

4 Nov 1914

Some Aspects of Nature Photography

See Transactions of EPS, Dec 1914, pp7-8 for a brief account of the Meeting; not the full text of the Paper.

Robert M Adam

5 Feb 1936

Scottish Mountain Flowers:  Their Homes and Habitats

Robert M Adam

12 Jan 1944

Glimpses of Western Island Life

P W Adams

7 Dec 1898

Character and Expression

P J Adams

9 Mar 1966

Building the Forth Road Bridge  [lecturette]

A G Adamson

20 Mar 1895

Electric Light  [demonstration]

K I P Adamson

11 Apr 1972

On Record with a Reflex

Peter Adamson

19 Nov 1975

Photographic Eccentricities

George M Aikman

7 Mar 1906

A Sketch History of Engraving  [illustrated]

See Transactions of EPS, Apr 1906, pp.103-110.

Alan Aitchison

23 Oct 1985

Bird Photography

Cairns Aitken

11 Apr 2007

Reflections of an Iconoclast  (digital)

J Edington Aitken

4 Apr 1900

Paper Manufacture

See Transactions of EPS, May 1900, pp.89-95.


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