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Jean-Claude Bacle

22 Oct 2008

[No Title]   (NCPF Scottish Lecture Tour)

H Bellyse Baildon

30 Jan 1896

The Papuan at Home

James Baillie

1 Oct 1909

Mistakes I have made

See Transactions of EPS, Jan 1910, pp.5-13.
James Baillie was Ex-President of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Amateur Photographic Association.

L P Bain

16 Dec 1964


Peter Bain

15 Feb 1989

An Evening with the 5.6 Group 

Andrew H Baird

3 Dec 1890

Malloch’s Process of Etching on Glass 
[with demonstration]

Andrew H Baird

1 Mar 1893

A Method of Rapid Solution

Andrew H Baird 

7 Feb 1894

Flash-Light Photography

Andrew H Baird

8 Jan 1896

The “Lothian” Stereoscope

Andrew H Baird

2 Mar 1898

Notes on Stereoscopic Photography

Andrew H Baird

4 Oct 1899

The Optical Lantern as an Educative Medium

Andrew H Baird

10 Oct 1906

President’s Opening Address

See Transactions of EPS, Nov1906, pp.16-21.

Andrew H Baird

9 Oct 1907

President’s Opening Address

Photography as a Hobby

See Transactions of EPS, Nov1907, pp.11-15 for an abridged copy of this Paper.

Andrew H Baird

3 Nov 1909

Silhouette Photography

See Transactions of EPS, Dec 1909, pp.5-6.

Andrew H Baird

1 Nov 1916

A Plea for the Portrait Album  [lecturette]

See Transactions of EPS, Dec 1916, pp.3-4 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Andrew H Baird

6 Mar 1918

Old Lantern Slides of Old Edinburgh

See Transactions of EPS, April 1918, pp.4-6 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Andrew H Baird

15 Feb 1933

The Epidiascope  [demonstration]

Ian Ball

15 Mar 1967

Life and Action

Ian Ball

27 Oct 1976

Action on Land, Sea, and in the Air

Ian Ball

18 Mar 1981

Sport, Action and Travel

W E Ball

14 Feb 1962

Theory versus Practice - the Debunking of Pictorialism

George Ballantyne

22 Apr 1863

On Electro-Photography with some remarks on Ozone [after which George Ballantyne took a photograph of a bust illuminated by the electric light.  The result was quite satisfactory.]  [BJP:  1863, p192]

J C H Balmain

1 Feb 1886

Defects in Dry Plates

W F Band

9 Jan 1957

After work on the Print – Oil Reinforcement  [demonstration]

W F Band

9 Jan 1957

After work on the Print – Spotting  [demonstration]

W F Band

26 Feb 1958

How to Make our Exhibition Pictures  [joint lecture]

W F Band

6 Jan 1960

Club Night:  Spotting  [demonstration]

W F Band

15 Feb 1967

Teaching  [lecturette]

W F Band

27 Jan 1971

Kodacolor Printing  [demonstration]

John Banks

4 Dec 1907

The Photographing of Children  [illustrated]

See Transactions of EPS, Jan 1908, pp.31-33.

T Barclay

1 Mar 1893

Some Difficulties of Amateurs

John P Bardsley

4 Feb 1959

Portraiture  - Variations on Mortensen Method

John P Bardsley

13 Nov 1985

Towards the Distinction  [Former President of RPS]

R W Barnes

24 Oct 1979

Butterfly Life Histories


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