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W T Bashford

2 Dec 1874

An unsuspected cause of spots on Carte-de-visite and Cabinet photographs 

W T Bashford

2 Dec 1874

On the Spirit of the Journals 

W T Bashford



W T Bashford

3 Oct 1877

Odds and Ends

W T Bashford



W T Bashford

3 May 1882

A New Theory of The Sun

W T Bashford

7 Dec 1885

Wanted a Breeze

W T Bashford

6 ay 1891

Allotropic Silver

W T Bashford

1 Feb 1893

Dalmeyer’s Tele-photographic Lens [adjourned meeting]

Charles Batchelor

23 Oct 1968

Creative Industrial Photography

F Batchen

15 Feb 1967

Journalism  [lecturette]    

H Mortimer Batten

7 Oct 1925

The Photography of Wild Animals

Jason Baxter
North Berwick

1 Dec 2010

The art of Panoramic Photography - How to Succeed in a Competitive World (digital)

Jason Baxter
North Berwick

5 Oct 2011

A Panoramic Perspective  (digital + prints)

W R Baxter

5 Dec 1914

A Nature Lover’s Calendar

See Transactions of EPS, Jan 1915, p.4 for a brief account of the Meeting; not the full text of the Paper.

W R Baxter was Past President of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Photographic Society.

Danny Beath

22 Nov 2006

Cloudforest Soundscapes (slides)

Thomas Beattie

6 Apr 1910

Rambles in the Bye-Ways of Art  [illustrated]

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1910, pp.5-8.
Thomas Beattie was a sculptor.

W G N Bennett

18 Jul 1866

Photography in the Tropics 

W F Berg

19 Feb 1947

Exposure Problems

Maurice Berrill

16 Nov 1988

A Chinese Screen

Graham Berry

19 Jan 2000

Occasional Travels

Robert Berry

3 Feb 1909

Is Time Development a Real Advance in Photography  [debate:  Negative.]

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1909, pp.48-49 for an account of the debate.

Robert Berry

8 Dec 1909

British Architecture  -  Later English Gothic  [illustrated]

Robert Berry

7 Dec 1910

That the Picture which shows most of the individuality of the Artist is the most Artistic  [Debate:  Affirmative]

See Transactions of EPS, Jan 1911, pp.5-6 for an account of the debate.

Robert Berry

8 Jan 1913

Judging the Awards at Photographic Exhibitions  [debate]

See Transactions of EPS, Feb 1913, pp.5-8  for an account of this debate.

Robert Berry

1 Oct 1913

President’s Opening Address

See Transactions of EPS, Nov 1913, pp.5-7 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Robert Berry

8 Jan 1914

Does Photography find its most complete expression in Portraiture?  [debate]

See Transactions of EPS, Feb 1914, pp.4-7  for a report of the discussion.

Robert Berry

7 Apr 1915

Melrose Abbey  -  its History and Architecture

See Transactions of EPS, May 1915, pp.4-9. 

On this occasion, Transactions of EPS appear to have departed from their normal practice by printing the full text of a lecture that was not on a technical photographic topic.

Robert Berry

7 May 1919

Melrose Abbey

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1919, pp.3-4 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Robert Berry

5 Nov 1919

Architectural Photography at Home and Abroad

See Transactions of EPS,  Dec 1919, pp.4-9.

Robert Berry

10 Jan 1923

That this Society Devotes Too Much Time to the Making of Pictures [Debate:  Aff.]

Robert Berry

4 Apr 1923

Photography of Architecture

Stan Berwick

29 Jan 2003

North to Alaska

Stan Berwick

6 Apr 2005

Digital Prints

P E Best

8 Feb 1967

Photographing People in Colour Outdoors

A S Betton

21 Nov 1951

Negative and Print  -  simple enlarging, etc.


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