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Rev H N Bonar

1 Nov 1905

Some Methods of Photographing Wild Birds

See Transactions of EPS, Dec 1905, pp.35-41.

Rev H N Bonar

2 Dec 1908

Photography as a Help to the Study of Ornithology

See Transactions of EPS, Jan 1909, pp.27-33.

Rev H N Bonar

2 Nov 1910

Shore and Water Birds

See Transactions of EPS, Dec 1910, pp.5-7.

Rev H N Bonar

5 Mar 1913

Birds:  Scotch and Dutch

See Transactions of EPS, Apr 1913, pp.5-7  for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Rev H N Bonar


The Strategy and Tactics of Wild Bird Photography 

Rev H N Bonar

1 Nov 1922

My Fifty Best Photographs:

NOTE:  Rev HN Bonar was son of Rev Horatious Bonar.

Thank you to Ed Skedd for sending me a cabinet print  of Rev Horatius Bonar, taken by John Moffat, Edinburgh.

Captain R

3 Nov 1920

Aerial Photography 

C B Boog-Watson

16 Nov 1927


Dr. J B Bookey

2 Dec 1959

Club Night:  Lens and Film Resolution  [demonstration]

Marion Boron

6 Mar 1957

Theory and Practice of Ferraniacolor

Marion Boron

18 Feb 1959

Club Night: One Man Show

Marion Boron

3 Feb 1960

Two Bath Development  [demonstration]

Marion Boron

15 Feb 1961

Getting the Best from your Negatives

Marion Boron

9 Jan 1963

Colour Photography

Marion Boron

12 Feb 1964

Print 2 Bath Development [demonstration]

Marion Boron

30 Nov 1966

Advanced Stage of Simple Enlarging  [demonstration]

Marion Boron

28 Feb 1967

Improvement of Compositional Work

Marion Boron

11 Oct,1967

Portraiture - Two Approaches  [joint lecture]

Marion Boron

9 Apr 1969

Producing a Set of Tone Separation Negatives  

Marion Boron

30 Jan 1974

Enlarging  [demonstration]

Marion Boron

15 Jan 1975

The Derivative Processes in Colour 

Marion Boron

8 Nov 1978

Enlarging Techniques  [demonstration]

Marion Boron

16 Mar 1983

Colour Photography

Marion Boron

26 Nov 1986


M Borthwich

19 Jan 1977

Studio Lighting [demonstration]

Captain Borthwick

1 Mar 1933


H Boustead

23 Mar 1955

Demonstration of Flexichrome Colour Printing Process  [Wm Thyne & Co]


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