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A Brothers

1 Feb 1865

On the Supposed Origin of the Daguerreotype Process

Jean Brooks

9 April 2008

Some of hers and a few of his  (slides + prints)
Joint lecture with Glyn Edmunds

Alan Brown

13 Feb 2008

What I see is what You get  (prints)

A S Brown

18 Mar 1959

Monochrome Positives by Reversal  [demonstration]

A S Brown

16 Dec 1964

Black and White from Colour  

E L Brown

7 Apr 1897

A Ramble in North Wales

G Baldwin Brown

4 Mar 1896

Photography and Art

G Baldwin Brown

6 Jan 1904

Composition and Light-and-Shade in Turnerís Liber Studiorum 

See Transactions of EPS, Feb 1904, pp.58-60 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

G Baldwin Brown

1 Feb 1911

How Greek Ladies Dressed

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1911, pp.5-6 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Keith Brown

31 Mar 1993

Magical Mystery Tour

R Wells Brown

7 Apr 1909

In Natureís Workshop with a Micro-Camera  [illustrated]

R Wells Brown died before this paper was presented to EPS.  However, it was read at the EPS Meeting on 7 April 1909 in accordance with the wishes of his widow.

See Transactions of EPS, May 1909, pp.69-71.

W J Brown

8 Jan 1958

Print Quality

Charles Bruce

24 Oct 1973

Bird Photography in the Inner Hebrides 

Ken Bryan

17 Feb 1993

Highland Winters, Alpine Summers

James Bryson

19 Oct 1864

Photo-sculpture Busts]  [with exhibits]


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