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Henry M Cadell

5 Jun 1889

The Uses of Photography to the Geologist

Mr Cairns

7 Oct 1959

Opening Meeting:  [Show of Bird Films]

Mrs Cairns

3 Oct 1962

Off the Beaten Track [bird films]

Mrs Cairns

16 Mar 1966

Bird Photography  [joint lecture]

W R Cairns

6 Feb 1957

Bird Photography in Colour

W R Cairns

16 Mar 1966

Bird Photography  [joint lecture]

Mike Caithness

23 Apr 2008

My Way with AV  (digital)

Chic Calder

4 Apr 2001

[Comments o n Prints in the Membersí Exhibition]

Jim Caldwell
Old Kilpatrick

5 Dec 2007

A Sporting Chance  (digital)

Michael Callan

14 Mar 2001

Forest, Glen and Ben

J Callender

28 Oct 1970

Colour Printing by Tone Separation and Other Fiddles

Andy Callow

15 Feb 1984

Exhibitionism - The first Twenty Years

Andy Callow

28 Nov 2001

Here and There in Southern France

Henry Cameron

1 Jun 1887

Copying without Texture

Mr Cameron

2 Feb 1870

A Method of Keeping the Silver Bath at an Equal Temperature

Ian Cameron

2 Dec 2009

Transient Light  (digital + slides)

Peter Cameron

16 Apr 1958

Home-made Cameras and Other Gadgets  [SPF]

Laurie Campbell

13 Jan 2010

Taking Stock  (natural history;  digital)

N Campbell

18 Feb 1959

Club Night:  Control in Enlarging  [demonstration]

William Campbell

18 Jan 1928

Mounting  [demonstration]

Allan Campbell-Harper

28 Feb 1951

Documentary Film Production

J Campbell-Harper

7 Mar 1923

Posing and Lighting a Sitter

Philip Caplan

12 Dec 1979

Enlarging  [demonstration]

Philip Caplan

8 Dec  1982

Evolution of a Club Photographer

Philip Caplan

27 Nov 1985

A Coloured View

Philip Caplan

16 Mar 1988

An Update on my Pictorial Photography

Philip Caplan

9 Dec 1998

Looking Back and Forwards

Bill Carden

23 Feb 1972

Life and the Camera

Bill Carden

19 Feb  1975

One Pair of Eyes

Holmes Carlile

12 Dec 1951

The Approach to Pictorial Photography

Peter Carruthers

7 Jan 1998

Table Tops  [slides - joint evening]

Sean Casey

13 Apr 1994

Irish Miscellany

J Allan Cash

27 Feb 1952

My Work as a Free-lance  [Ilford]

J Allan Cash

4 Dec 1957

Travelling with my Camera  [Kodak Ltd]

Jim Castel

11 Oct 1972

Depth of Field  [lecturette]

Jim Castel

1 Dec 1997

Thereby Hangs a Tail

J S Cavaye

30 Dec 1961

The Royal Mile Tour of Old Edinburgh

Ron Cavedaschi

13 Feb 1974

An Alternative Style

Colin Cavers
Stills Gallery

25 Jan 1995

Comments and Discussion of Membersí Prints 


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