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Mr Dobbie

1 Mar 1876

Experiences in working Gelatino-bromide Emulsion

H J Dobson

7 Feb 1900

The Composition of a Picture

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1900, pp.67-71.

Tom Dodd

14 Apr  1982

The Mountain Scene

Tom Dodd

13 Nov 1991

The Mountain Scent

Tom Dodd

18 Mar 1998

The Mountain Scene

A  Dodds

17 Mar 1954

The Artist’s Approach to his Subject

T C Dodds

2 Nov 1938

The Finlay Process of  Colour Photography

Bill Doig

24 Feb  1982

The Foreign Connection

Mike Dooley
Regional Sales Manager, Ilford

9 Feb 2005

Progression to Digital 1977-2004

A Dordan-Pyke

26 May 1919

The Importance of Photography in the War

H Dordan-Pyke

7 Jan 1920

The Art of Developing

Derek Dorsett

13 Jan 1993

Colour, Mood and Movement

William Dougall

7 Jun 1882

On Photography as a Handmaid to Medical, Surgical and Other Sciences, and as a Pleasant Recreation for a Cultivated Mind

J H Douglas

5 May 1869

Prints taken on Orernettes prepared paper and toned in various ways

James Douglas

5 Mar 1958

Copying   [lecturette]

Robert Douglas


The Great Whale stranded at Longniddry after it had been taken to Kirkcaldy  [exhibition of six views]

K Dow

26 Nov 1947

[Criticism of Members’ Exhibition Prints]

K Dow

14 Jan 1948

Colour Transparencies and Prints  
[lecture - demonstration]

Arthur Downes

17 Nov 1971

Some Aspects of Modern Photography

Arthur Downes

10 Dec 1975

Colour Printing up to Date

Dr Thomas W Drinkwater

5 Mar 1879

Notes on the Use of Artificial Light in Photography

Dr Thomas W Drinkwater

3 Dec 1879

A Few Reasons why the Photographer should study Practical Chemistry

Dr Thomas W Drinkwater

1 Jun 1887

Pyrogallic Acid and its Uses in Photography [with Experiments]

Dr Thomas W Drinkwater

6 Jun 1888

Notes on the Latent Image

Dr Thomas W Drinkwater

7 Dec 1892

Platinum Toning and Toning of Bromide Prints

Dr Thomas W Drinkwater

6 Apr 1898

The Properties of Light

Steve Druid

21 Feb 1979


Steve Druitt

10 Apr 1985


Margaret Drysdale

23 Oct 2002

"Wilfie" - Women in Focus in Edinburgh 

D T K Drummond

10 Apr 1867

On Wet and Dry Collodion Printing – A New Portable Tent   [with Exhibit]


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