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Ken Fairley
Imaging Dept,
Lothian & Borders Police

23 Nov 2005

 [No Title]

R M Fanstone

19 Mar 1947


R M Fanstone

8 Oct 1947

“Dufaytissue”  [Dufay-Chromex Ltd]

R M Fanstone

30 Mar 1949

More Dufaycolor

R M Fanstone

29 Oct 1952

The Camera, the Film and You  [Dufay Ltd]

H H Featherstone

23 Apr 1958

Carbon Printing  [Demonstration]

Mr Ferguson

22 Mar 1950

Bromoil Transfer  [demonstration]

Martin Figura

22 Jan 1992

My Approach to Documentary Photography

Martin Figura

3 Nov 1999

This Man’s Army

W H Findlay

29 Oct 1969

Getting the Picture

Jack Fisher

29 Jan 1958

Free lance and Press Photography

Louis Flack

27 Nov 1996

Photography in the Garden and the Field  [cancelled]

F Morley Fletcher

12 Dec 1912

Modern Influences in Painting

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1913, pp.6-8  for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Check:  I mat have included this lecture as 1879 in the list of lectures sorted by decade and subject.

Robin Fletcher

23 Apr 1980

Windows on the New Forrest

Mr Forbes

16 Nov 1949

Portrait Lighting  [demonstration]

Donald Ford

22 Nov 2000

Capturing the Scottish Landscape

G N Fordyce

20 Jan 1932

The 9.5mm Ciné  [lecture + demonstration]

G N Fordyce

13 Mar 1957

Simple home-made Stereo Apparatus

G N Fordyce

3 Jan 1962


G N Fordyce

16 Dec 1964

Projector Conversion [lecturette]

William Forgan

4 Jan 1880

Continental Travels  [by Andrew Pringle, Rome]

William Forgan

3 Apr 1880

Continental Travels  [a second contribution by Andrew Pringle, Rome]

William Forgan

4 Apr 1883

On the Blackening of Optical Brass Work  [with demonstration]

William Forgan

2 May 1883

Photo-micrography  [joint lecture]

William Forgan

1 Dec 1886

A Century in Photography

William Forgan

2 Nov 1887

Pinhole Photography

William Forgan

7 May 1890

Large photos of Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, &c.

William Forgan

6 May 1891

Aluminium as a Mountant for Lenses

William Forgan

5 Apr 1893

Photomicrography by Artificial Light

William Forgan

4 Dec 1895

Telescopes and Astronomical Photography

William Forgan

5 Mar 1902

Photo-Microscopic Illustrations of Gelatino-Bromide Films

John M  Forgie

28 Nov 1962

Get Your Pictures Published  [Picture Editor: The Scotsman]

Derek Forrest

10 Jan  1996

Amazon, Andes and Atolls

Roland Fortuna

15 Feb 1989

An Evening with the 5.6 Group  [joint lecture]

Alasdair Foster

9 Dec  1981

Photography without Reality [lecturette]

Alasdair Foster

30 Mar  1983

Avant-Garde Photography

C C Foster

20 Oct 1926

 Carbo Transfer  [demonstration]

C C Foster

14 Dec 1927

Some Printing Processes  [demonstration]

C C Foster

18 Feb 1931

Carbon Printing Process  [demonstration]

Gordon Foster

16 Nov 1966

Pictorial Presentation

T N Foulis

1 Apr 1903

The Essentials of Artistic Photography

Dr. Hope Fowler

4 Feb 1920

X-Rays and X-Ray Photography

Dr. Hope Fowler

8 Jan 1930

Photography as applied to Radiology

Stuart Fowler

19 Jan 2000


William Fowler

5 Mar 1890

An Hour with Gustave Doré

Geoffrey Franglen

18 Nov 1970

Subjective Photography

Geoffrey Franglen

9 Nov  1977

Thinking about Photography

D A Franklin

16 Jan 1957

Medical Photography

Charles Fraser

11 Jan 1893

Hand Cameras

Charles Fraser

6 May 1896

The Hand Camera

Douglas J Fraser

4 Jun 1952

Portfolio Night

Douglas J Fraser

21 Oct 1953

Whole Plate night [joint criticism]

Douglas J Fraser

19 Dec 1956

One Man Show

Bob Frederick

21 Oct 1987

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Irene Froy

19 Oct 1988

Open Your Eyes - Open Your Mind

Irene Froy

17 Oct 1990

An Evening with Irene Froy

H S Fry

11 Dec 1963

Pictorial Aspirations in Colour

H S Fry

17 Jan 1973

Photography as a Selective Art

H S Fry

24 Mar  1976

Sense and Sensitivity

H S Fry

21 Jan  1981

On Looking

H S Fry

17 Oct  1984

An Evening of Self Indulgence

H S Fry

11 Mar 1987

A Community of Images

H S Fry

11 Apr 1990

The Taking, Making and Presentation of a Colour Print

S Herbert Fry

7 Mar 1894

Paget Company’s Printing Out Paper and Lantern Slides

Trevor Fry

20 Nov  1974

My Photography  [RPS}   

Ian Fullerton

9 Mar  1983

East Lothian and its Natural History

Sandy Furniss

1 Mar 2000

Where the Pixies Play


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