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Mr Forbes

16 Nov 1949

Portrait Lighting  [demonstration]

Duncan Forbes
Scottish National Portrait Gallery

24 Oct 2001

Matters of Fact:  Documentary Photography in Scotland

Donald Ford
South Queensferry Gallery

22 Nov 2000

Capturing the Scottish Landscape

G N Fordyce

20 Jan 1932

The 9.5mm Ciné  [lecture + demonstration]

G N Fordyce

13 Mar 1957

Simple home-made Stereo Apparatus

G N Fordyce

3 Jan 1962


G N Fordyce

16 Dec 1964

Projector Conversion [lecturette]

William Forgan

4 Jan 1880

Continental Travels  [by Andrew Pringle, Rome]

William Forgan

3 Apr 1880

Continental Travels  [a second contribution by Andrew Pringle, Rome]

William Forgan

4 Apr 1883

On the Blackening of Optical Brass Work  [with demonstration]

William Forgan

2 May 1883

Photo-micrography  [joint lecture]

William Forgan

1 Dec 1886

A Century in Photography

William Forgan

2 Nov 1887

Pinhole Photography

William Forgan

7 May 1890

Large photos of Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, &c.

William Forgan

6 May 1891

Aluminium as a Mountant for Lenses

William Forgan

5 Apr 1893

Photomicrography by Artificial Light

William Forgan

4 Dec 1895

Telescopes and Astronomical Photography

William Forgan

5 Mar 1902

Photo-Microscopic Illustrations of Gelatino-Bromide Films

See Transactions of EPS, Apr 1902, pp.103-109.

John M  Forgie

28 Nov 1962

Get Your Pictures Published  [Picture Editor: The Scotsman]

Derek Forrest

10 Jan  1996

Amazon, Andes and Atolls

Roland Fortuna

15 Feb 1989

An Evening with the 5.6 Group  [joint lecture]

Alasdair Foster

9 Dec  1981

Photography without Reality [lecturette]

Alasdair Foster

30 Mar  1983

Avant-Garde Photography

C C Foster

20 Oct 1926

 Carbo Transfer  [demonstration]

C C Foster

14 Dec 1927

Some Printing Processes  [demonstration]

C C Foster

18 Feb 1931

Carbon Printing Process  [demonstration]

Gordon Foster

16 Nov 1966

Pictorial Presentation

T N Foulis

1 Apr 1903

The Essentials of Artistic Photography

See Transactions of EPS, May 1903, pp.105-106.

Dr. Hope Fowler

4 Feb 1920

X-Rays and X-Ray Photography

Dr. Hope Fowler

8 Jan 1930

Photography as applied to Radiology

Stuart Fowler

19 Jan 2000


William Fowler

5 Mar 1890

An Hour with Gustave Doré


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