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A V Gabra

15 Dec 1958

Colour Variety  [lecturette]

A V Gabra

22 Mar 1961

Saved from the w.p.b. [demonstration]

Edward Gage

8 Mar  1972

Arranging the Visual Image

Edward Gage

23 Feb  1983

Aesthetic Elements in Photography

John Gallagher

19 Jan 1977

Portraiture   [joint lecture]

John Gallagher

9 Feb 1977


André Gallant

16 Mar 2005

Freeman Patterson and André Gallant
[joint lecture]

James Galloway

23 Jan 1991

Enlarging  [demonstration]

R S Galloway

21 Aug 1861

Exhibition of Stereoscopes of cameras and other apparatus

R S Galloway

7 Apr 1926

Ortho Plates and Films  [demonstration]

F L Gandolfi

23 Mar 1983

Constructing Wooden Cameras  [cancelled]

A C Gardiner

9 Mar 1966

Boats in the Belfry  [lecturette]

Tom Gardner

19 Dec 2007

Travels with my Camera  (digital)

A J Garwood

3 Apr 1907

The Intensification and Reduction of Gelatine Negatives  [illustrated]

See Transactions of EPS, May 1907, p.119-128.

Alan Gawthorpe

18 Feb 2004

Images that work sometimes!!!
Alan Gawthorpe EFIAP PSA5*

Alan Gawthorpe

24 Jan 2007

This is Namibia  (slides)

William Geddes

21 Jan 1931

The Production of Prize-Winning Pictures  [illustrated]

William Geddes

17 Feb 1932

Some Photographic Follies

William Geddes

15 Mar 1933

The Beginner and His Troubles

William Geddes

21 Mar 1934

The Production of an Exhibition Picture

William Geddes

15 Jan 1941

The Value of the Subject

William Geddes

29 Mar 1944

Picturing City Scenes

Trevor Gellard

21 Sep 2011

Brighton and Beyond  (digital + prints)

Helmut Gernsheim

15 Oct 1958

The History of Photography

James Gentles

23 Sep 2009

Kite Aerial Photography  (digital)


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