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E Godfrey

17 Dec 1952

In and About [film]  [lecturette]

Messrs C P Goerz

17 Jan 1910

What can be done with a Hand Camera? [illustrated]

A A S E Goldsmith

11 Mar  1981

My Type of Photography

Sue Goode

18 Nov 1997

Nature Photography Zimbabwe - mostly from a Land-Rover

H Goodman

21 Feb 1962

Colour Printing for Amateurs  [demonstration]

William Goodwin

7 Nov 1900

A Plea for Stereoscopic Photography

See Transactions of EPS, Dec 1900, pp.29-37.

William Goodwin

1 Feb 1905

The Capacity of different Printing Processes for rendering Gradations

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1905, pp.93-103

Peter Gould

6 Jan 1999

Scientific Photography

Alex Graham

6 Nov 1935

Architectural Photography

C A V Grant

1 Apr 1942

Scenes of India

C A V Grant

10 Nov 1943

Wild Life in Travancore  [film display]

C A V Grant

27 Dec 1944

Wild Life in Travancore

John Gravett

14 Jan 2009

A Lakeland Perspective  (digital)

Nicol Gray

10 Dec 1969

Abstract Ideas  [lecturette]

Nicol Gray

11 Dec 1974

Open and Shut   [joint lecture]

T E Gray

25 Jan 1961

Choosing and Testing a Camera

Thomas Gray

14 Oct 1959

Table-top Photography

Evelyn Greaves

15 Sep 1999

The Photography of Evelyn Greaves

Margaret Greenwood

16 Apr 1997

Normandy Past and Present  [slides]

Alfred Gregory

5 Jan 1955

Photography of Everest
 [Lantern Lecture]  [Kodak]

Anne Greiner

27 Oct 1999

Dumb and Dumber
(Joint lecture with. Rod Wheelans)

Anne Greiner

7 Dec 2005

Nothing to do with the Royal 
(Joint lecture with. Rod Wheelans)

Rod Wheelans

27 Jan 2010

Holiday Snaps  (prints)
Joint lecture with Anne Greiner)

T E Grey

7 Dec 1955

Flash for Quality

T E Grey

14 Jan 1959

Flash and Natural Light

Pauline Grierson

30 Jan 1991


Mr Grieve

8 Oct 1948

Print Finishing

Robert Grieve

8 Dec 1948

Print Finishing   [SPF]

Messrs John J Griffin

21 Jan 1910

The Newest Printing Methods  [Bromoil demonstration]

John Grossick

19 Dec 2001

Horse Racing

Desmond Groves

8 Apr 1964

My Kind of

Desmond Groves

26 Apr 1967

Talking About Portraiture

Norman Gryspeerdt

10 Oct  1984

A Discussion and Demonstration of the Bromoil  Process


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