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Alan Jackson

15 Nov 1967

Landscape - A Personal View

Alan Jackson

11 Oct 1978

A Personal View Coloured

Alan Jackson

6 Nov 1996

A Personal View  [prints]

C d’O Pilkington Jackson

7 Nov 1928

The Scottish National War Memorial

William Jackson

7 Nov 1956

Dock Photography 

Andrew James

7 Jan 1998

Wildlife - Near and Far  [slides - joint evening]

F G James

24 Nov 1965

Roman Figures

James Jamieson

19 Apr 1871

The Preparation of Glass as the Support for Collodian Filler

James Jamieson


Does Photography Not Lie in Rendering Rob Roy Tartan  [Question from the Box]

James Jamieson

7 Feb 1872

The Occasional Shortcomings of photos and the necessity of judicious retouching

James Jamieson

5 Oct 1881

Experiments with the Developing of Gelatine Plates 

James Jarché

25 Oct 1961

People I have shot  [Ilford]

Russell Jarvis

16 Feb 1966

Portraiture - for Theatre and Films

Nick Jenkins

16 Jan 2008

Landscapes of Britain  (slides)

Nick Jenkins

11 Jan 2012

The Great Outdoors  (digital)

Bill Jay

19 Apr 1967

A Start in Photojournalism  [Ilford]

John Jennings

20 Nov 1985

Landscape Photography

John Jennings

31 Jan 1990

A View of Iceland

Payne Jennings


Remarks on Landscape work, and its relation to Art

Payne Jennings

3 Apr 1878

Remarks on Landscape Work and its relation to Art


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