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C W Johnson

5 Nov 1958

The Exhibition Print

Chloe Johnson

19 Nov  1980

Record or Art

Chloe Johnson

9 Oct 1991

Design:  Picture Power

Chloe Johnson

25 Nov 1998

Give Me Light

Dennis Johnson

21 Dec 2005

Nature through the Camera  [slides]
Dennis Johnson ARPS DPAGB

This lecture was originally scheduled for 12 Jan 2005.

Murray Johnson

25 Jan  1984

Contemporary Scottish Photography  [Stills Gallery]

David Johnston

9 Nov 1988

Dave Who?

David Johnston

21 Mar 2001

Who the F?

George Johnston

28 Jan 2009

Hooked on Travel - Some Photographic Journeys  (digital)

J B Johnston

3 Feb 1897

Discussion on Printing Papers - Carbon [lecturette]

J B Johnston

1 May 1901

The Hand Camera and its Capabilities

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1901, pp.107-113.

J B Johnston

7 May 1902

Difficulties in Picture-Making by Photography  [joint paper]

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1902, pp.143-145

J B Johnston

1 May 1912

Gaslight Papers and their Possibilities

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1912, pp.5-6  for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Check:  I mat have included this lecture as 1879 in the list of lectures sorted by decade and subject.

J B Johnston

1 Feb 1922

Picture Making Methods

Matt Johnston

22 Mar 2006

A Game of Two Halves  (prints)
Matt Johnston ARPS EFIAP

Matt Johnston

10 Feb 2010

All New, Home And Away  (prints)

G Scott Johnstone

6 Feb 1957

Mountaineering with a Camera  [lecturette]

G Scott Johnstone

15 Dec 1958

Monochrome Prints form Colour Transparencies  [lecturette]

G Scott Johnstone

18 Nov 1959

Dabbling in Colour  [joint lecture]

G Scott Johnstone

4 Oct 1961

Colour Slides and Comments

G Scott Johnstone

21 Mar 1962

Slide Mounting  [demonstration]

G Scott Johnstone

30 Oct 1968

One Square Mile of the Highlands   [lecturette]

G Scott Johnstone

12 Apr 1978

Mountain Photography

James Joyce

25 Apr  1973


James Joyce

25 Oct 1989

The Outer Vision

James Joyce

16 Dec 1992

A Little More Unusual

James Joyce

16 Sep 1996

One More Vision  [prints + AV show]

James Joyce

16 Oct 1996

One More Vision [prints + AV]


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