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James Logan Mack

11 Jan 1888

A Tour in Norway with the Camera [joint lecture]


I was asked by Eric Robson, in June 2004, if James Logan Mack who gave this lecture was the person as James Logan Mack who published the book, THE BORDER LINE, in the 1920s.

Eric is trying to track down biological details of the author of this book.

Greg Cuthbert also contacted me (on June 21, 2007) asking what i knew about James Logan Mack.  So I've now added the brief paragraphs about him, below.

If you know anything amore about him, please e-mail me Thank you

Peter Stubbs  June 21, 2007


I believe that the book which has the full title: 'THE BORDER LINE from the Solway Firth to the North Sea along the Marches of Scotland and England' was first published in 1924.

However, the edition most frequently found now appears to be that published in 1926 by Oliver & Boyd (335pp,  119 illustrations by Donald Scott and others.)

I now see the reason for Eric Robson's interest in James Logan Mack.  Eric also wrote a book entitled 'THE BORDER LINE' describing his own journey following the 105 mile route of James Logan Mack.  Eric's book was published by The Wainwright Society [ISBN 0-7112-2589-3] possibly around 2004.

Eric's book includes 3 or James Logan Mack's original maps, described as being 80 years old.  Eric describes James Logan Mack as an Edinburgh Lawyer in the 1920s.

Peter Stubbs  June 21, 2007.


I think it quite likely that the J Logan Mack who gave the lecture to Edinburgh Photographic Society in 1888 was the man who wrote 'The Border Line.  Both men (if indeed there were two) had connections with Edinburgh Photographic Society.

It was common practice at Edinburgh Photographic Society for there to be exhibition entertainment during the society's photographic exhibitions that were open to the public.

The exhibition entertainment on February 24, 1923 included a lecture by J Logan Mack entitled:  'THE BORDER LINE from the Solway to the North Sea'.

Peter Stubbs  June 21, 2007.


Thank you to Martin Knibbs who e-mailed me on 28 July 2005 to tell me that he had  just put on eBay a letter to a James L Mack Esq.1 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, with a postmark of 22 Apr 1879.  He did not know whether or not this was the same person as above.

However, at the time that the letter was sent, one of the occupants at 1 Hanover Street was the professional photogrpaher Member, Alexander Ayton who went on to become EPS President in 1894.

Peter Stubbs  2005.


Thank you to Heather Maloney who wrote:

"I am a descendant of James Logan Mack. Our family has been in Australia for 5 generations, of their own free will, I might add.

Our last Edinburgh relative passed away, as far as I know, about 35 years ago.  I am also keen to find out more about this gentleman and other members of my family.

I do believe that there was more than one James Logan Mack, as family names have been very strictly passed down

Heather Maloney, Australia, January 11, 2011

Eddie Maddison

19 Jan 1994

An Evening with Eddie Maddison

James Main

31 Jan 1968

Control in Enlarging  [demonstration]

Dr. George B Mair

10 Feb 1960

A Scot in Moscow

James Mair

9 Dec 1987

Underwater and Natural History Photography

George Malcolm

15 Mar 1916

Night Photography

George Malcolm

4 Apr 1917

Evolution of a Pictorial Photograph  [lecturette]

See Transactions of EPS, May 1917, pp.2-3 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Miss Malcolm

1 Nov 1916

Our Portfolio  [lecturette]

See Transactions of EPS, Dec 1916, pp.2-3 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Miss Malcolm

2 May 1923

That the Edinburgh Photographic Society become affiliated to the Scottish Photographic Federation  [Motion]

Miss Malcolm

2 May 1923

That the Scottish National Salon should be held in Edinburgh in1925, or as soon after as can be arranged  [Motion]

R C Malcolm

3 Feb 1909

Is Time Development a Real Advance in Photography[debate:  Affirmative]

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1909, pp.48-49 for an account of the debate.

R C Malcolm

12 Oct 1910

The Development of the Photographer

This was R C Malcolm's Presidential Address.  See Amateur Photography, 1 November 1910, pp.429-430 to read  extracts from the address or click hereto read  brief extracts

R C Malcolm

1 Nov 1911

That the expression of the beautiful is the only proper motif in Art [Debate:  Affirmative.]

See Transactions of EPS, Dec 1911, pp.4-7 for an account of the debate.

Pradip Malde

11 Nov 1987

A Personal Approach

A Mann

5 Oct 1892

Telescopic Photography

J M Marquis


Views of Irish Scenery

Jim Marsden

29 Nov 2000

Out and About, and into Digital Imaging

David Marsh

11 Nov 1992

The Craft of Photography

Hugh Marshall

3 Apr 1889

Notes on the Nature and Reactions of some Common Photographic Chemicals  [with demonstration]  [Part 1]

Hugh Marshall

1 May 1889

Notes on the Nature and Reactions of some Common Photographic Chemicals  [with demonstration]  [Part 2]

Hugh Marshall

2 Apr 1902

Persulphate of Ammonia

See Transactions of EPS, May 1902, pp.117-123.

J R Marshall

6 Oct 1948

[showing of Bird Films]  [joint lecture]

Mrs Marshall

6 Oct 1948

[showing of Bird Films]  [joint lecture]

Frank Martin

15 Nov 1978

Professional Portraiture

W F Martin

13 Nov 1940

With a Camera in the English Lake District

W F Martin

1 Nov 1944

Rambles in the Alps  (The Western Alps)

W F Martin

4 Apr 1945

Rambles in the Alps (The Eastern Alps)

James D Marwick

20 Mar 1861

On the Mode on which the Society should conduct its Business

Chris Masterton

12 Oct 2011

Shooting from the Hip  (digital movies + prints)

M Marynowicz

22 Mar 1967

Special Approaches to Photography for the Exhibition

W Marynowicz

1 Apr 1970

Special Techniques and Modern Processes

Carole Mason

12 Feb  1975

The Way I See Colour Photography

W Alexander Mathieson

  4 Oct 1876

Experiences in working Gelatino-bromide Emulsion [joint lecture]

W Alexander Mathieson

11 May 1878

The Chloro-Bromide Emulsion Plates [with practical experiments]

W Alexander Mathieson

5 Jan 1881

[showing his own work [Transparencies]

W Alexander Mathieson

2 May 1883

Photo-micrography  [joint lecture]

Douglas May

5 May 1999

Prints taken during my Presidency

Douglas May

23 Oct 2003

Fellowship Bratislava and Other Things

Douglas May

1 Oct 2008

More than a Single Image  (prints)

Roger Mayne

12 Feb 1958

Contemporary Photography  [lecture / discussion]


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