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George Neilson

18 Feb 2009

Sports Photography  (digital)

William Neilson


Sarony’s Posing Apparatus  [exhibited]

William Neilson

1 May 1872

What is Fine Arts and does it include Photography?   [1st Paper] 

William Neilson

3 Jul 1872

What is Fine Arts and does it include Photography? [2nd Paper]

William Neilson

2 Oct 1872

What is Fine Arts and does it include Photography?  [3rd Paper] 

William Neilson

6 May 1874

Landscape Photography - its Pleasures and Profits

William Neilson

3 Mar 1875

Art Criticism

William Neilson

4 Dec 1878

On Art in Landscapes

This Paper was written for publication in the British Journal Photographic Almanac [BJP: 1878, p.594]

William Neilson

3 Mar 1880

Principles or Rules of Pictorial Composition

William Neilson

1 Dec 1880

Ten Minutes’ Talk on Clouds

William Neilson

1 Feb 1882

Symbolism in Nature and Landscapes

Andrew Nelson


A New Form of Box Tent

Frank Neubert

4 May 1966

“Spectrum” Competition Slides

Frank Neubert

10 Nov  1976

Through My Eyes

Colin New

5 Nov 1997

The Other Side of the Glass

H S Newcombe

14 Feb 1951

Something about Lenses and Filters for the Miniaturist and others

Philip  Newman

8 Oct 1986

Bird Photography

Philip Newman

15 Jan 1992

A Bird Photographer’s Year


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