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A P Noble

3 May1905

Pin-Hole Photography

Postponed from 5 Apr 1905 to enable EPS to discuss "whether or not to join the Scottish Photographic Federation " on 5 Apr .

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1905, pp.144-149
(and Transactions of EPS, May 1905, p.132 for the Scottish Photographic Federation discussion).

J Campbell Noble

6 Jan 1909

Light and Shade

See Transactions of EPS, Feb 1909, pp.40-41  for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Mary Noble

17 Dec 1952

Photography of Plant Diseases  [lecturette]

Mary Noble

12 Dec 1962

Photography and Plant Diseases [lecturette]

Philip Nolan

25 Oct 1978

Road to Kintyre and Countryside Camera

Roger Noons

24 Mar 1993

An Evening with Roger Noons

Roger Noons

8 Oct 1997

Prints for a Change

D Nurnberg

13 Jan 1943

Lighting and Portraiture

Richard Nutt

16 Oct 1968

Monochrome to Colour


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