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John Ogg

28 Feb 2007

A Passion for Prints  (prints)

John Ogg

12 Mar 2008

Nature and Landscape  (digital)

Jim O’Hagan

12 Feb 1986

Demonstration - Spotting the Colour Print  [lecturette]

Jim O’Hagan

17 Dec 1986


Jim O’Hagan

18 Jan 1989

Slide and print presentation]  [joint lecture]]

Ricki O’Neil

26 Feb 1992

As I See It

Ricki O’Neil

14 Oct 1998

Art or Photography

Ricki O’Neil

23 Apr 2003

An Evening with Ricki O'Neill
Ricki O'Neil FRPS, DPAGB

Ricki O’Neil

20 Apr 2005

An Evening with Ricki O'Neill  [prints]
Ricki O'Neil FRPS, DPAGB

J C Oliphant

13 Jan 1892

The Prize Slides for 1891 of the Amateur Photographer

J C Oliphant

2 Mar 1892

Eastern Europe from a Photographic Point of View

J C Oliphant

10 Jan 1894

[Members’ slides]:   [replacing ‘Prize Slides of Hand Camera & Lantern Review]

J C Oliphant

14 Nov 1894

 The Limelight Lantern  [Lantern Section]

J C Oliphant

23 Feb 1895

[Slides]  [standing in for cancelled lecture from J Patrick]

J C Oliphant

2 Dec 1896

Long Focus and Telephoto Lenses  [lecturette]

James Oliver

6 May 1903

Films v. Plates

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1903, pp.115-127.

James Oliver

22 Mar 1911

The Camera in the Field – General Meeting or not?  [BJP]

James Oliver

3 Feb 1915


See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1915, pp.4-9 for an extensive account of the Meeting, probably almost the full text of the Paper.

J Stephens Orr

21 Jan 1948

Character in Portraiture

Anna Owen

31 Mar 2004

Travelling with a Camera

Dianne Owen

17 Feb 2010

Creative Consciousness  (prints + digital)


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