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Arthur Packham

2 Nov 1994

The Pat Whitehouse Show

Leo Palmer

25 Mar 1998

The Essential Image

Leo Palmer

19 Mar 2008

Altered Images  (digital + prints)

Rev H J Palmer

Jan 1876

A résumé of the Gelatine Process

Rev H J Palmer


A Résumé of the Gelatine Process

Julian Paren

24 Sep 2008

Going South - The Antarctic Experience  (digital)

A F Park

3 Dec 1947

Winter Crystal

A F Park

24 Nov 1948

Nature Rambles  [Kodak Ltd.]

A F Park

22 Feb 1950

[Kodak Bird Man]

A F Park

16 Apr 1952

Bird Life in Colour  [Kodak Ltd]

A F Park

9 Mar 1955

Back to Erin  [Kodak Ltd]

A F Park

9 Mar 1960

Bird Life in Colour  [Kodak Ltd.]

Brian  Park

30 Nov 1994

My Kind of Pictures

Roger Parry

6 Mar 2002

Portrait Lighting the 'Interfit' way  [demonstration]

David Pashley

10 Feb 1982

Photographic Education and Careers in Photography


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