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J B Readman

3 Dec 1884

A Plea for a Workroom for the Use of Members

J B Readman

6 Dec 1899

The Chemistry of Photography in relation to Development

See Transactions of EPS, Jan 1900, pp.40-44

George Reaper

20 Jan 1926

Bromoil [demonstration]

V C Reddich

13 Dec  1967

Astronomical Photography

W E Redding

3 Dec 1919

Some Autochrome Pictures

W E Redding

9 Jan 1924

Colour Photography

W E Redding

9 Nov 1927

Recent Examples of Colour Photography  [demonstration]

W E Redding

9 Jan 1929

The Best Plates and Films considered from an Artistic Standpoint

C G Reddington

10 Dec 1969

Uses of Lenses in 35mm SLR

Peter Rees

20 Feb 1985

Seeking Shadows   [lecturette]

Peter Rees

12 Apr 2000

Verging on the Pictorial

Stan Reeves

4 Dec 2002

Stan Reeve Images of a Generation
documentary photography within the community

Connie Regan

19 Jan 1972

Shipshape and Other Shapes  [joint lecture]

Leslie Regan

19 Jan  1972

Shipshape and Other Shapes  [joint lecture]

Charles Reid

5 Apr 1882

Some Experiences in Animal Photography

Charles Reid

2 Apr 1890

Animal and Bird Studies

Charles Reid

5 Feb 1896

Animal Photography

J J  Reilly

6 Feb 1957

Theatre Photography

Jim Renny

5 Dec 2001

Mountain Photography

Frank P Restall

3 Dec 1941

Camera Art in relation to the Artist and Lay-out Typographer

Roger Reynolds

25 Mar 1992

Made in Colour

Roger Reynolds

18 Oct 2006

[No title]
Grace Alison Memorial Lecture

Sid Reynolds

14 Feb 1973

An Evening with Sid Reynolds

Sid Reynolds

22 Mar 1978

Snow Photography

Mr Ricardo

11 Nov 1953

Designing the Picture

Harry M Ricketts

18 Feb 1998

A Publisher’s Viewpoint

Gordon Ridley

14 Jan  1981

My approach to Underwater Photography

Tom Richardson

6 Oct 2010

Monochrome My Way  (prints)

G K Ritchie

16 Mar 1921

Enlarging and Toning

G K Ritchie

1 Apr 1925

Trick Photography

G K Ritchie

16 Dec 1925

Lantern Slide Making  [demonstration] 

G K Ritchie

9 Feb 1927


G K Ritchie

7 Mar 1928

The Question of Spirit Photography


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