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Peter  Roch

16 Sep 1998

The Photography of Peter Roch

James R Roddick

4 Oct 1893

Isochromatic Plates and Screens

James R Roddick

6 Jan 1897

Discussion on Plates - Isochromatic  [lecturette]

Derek Rodway

28 Mar  1984

Happiness is a Butterfly

J Roger

4 Apr 1877

The Platinotype Process

J G Roger

12 Jan 1972

Photographing the Scottish Flora

Helen Rogers

1 Apr 1992

The Photography of Helen Rogers

Houston Rogers

5 Feb 1958

Photography for the Theatre


I have been asked who owns the copyright on Houston Rogers' photos.  If you know the answer, please e-mail me and I'll pass on the information. 

     Peter Stubbs:  Aug 14, 2007


Thank you to Mrs Peppy Peters who wrote:

"Houston Rogers was my father!  The Theatre Museum (part of the V & A Museum in London) have the copyright. They bought his collection after he died in 1970."

Peppy added:

"Did he play his penny whistle at the end of the talk? He always had it in his back pocket."

I don't know the answer to that.  I joined Edinburgh Photographic Society in 1963.

  - Peter Stubbs:  Dec 3,, 2007

Houston Rogers

19 Feb 1964

Photography for the Theatre

Eddie Ronnie

20 Mar 1991

Photographic Pot-pourri

J P Rooke

18 Nov 1959

Dabbling in Colour  [joint lecture]

J P Rooke

20 Nov 1959

Print Battle:  Twickenham PS v. Edinburgh PS

J P Rooke

1 Nov 1961

Unusual Cameras  [joint lecture]  

P Rooke

20 Mar 1957

Mounting Prints  [demonstration]


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