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W F Slater

9 Dec 1909

Large Prints from Small Negatives

See Transactions of EPS, Jan 1910, p.13 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

W F Slater FRPS worked for Kodak Ltd.

There is an obituary for WS Slater in British Journal of Photography, 1927

George H Slight

4 Sep 1861

On the Hot Water Process

George H Slight

4 Dec 1861

On the Art of Viewing Binocular Pictures Without the Aid of a Stereoscope

George H Slight

2 Aug 1865

Concerning Art Photography 

George H Slight


On a Method of Equalising the Illumination of the Image in Landscape Photography

George H Slight

7 Mar 1866

A Review of Photographic Progress in 1865

George H Slight

6 Jun 1866

A Method of Equalizing the Image in Landscape Photography

George H Slight

18 Nov 1867

On Photographic Societies

George H Slight

24 Mar 1869

A New form of Burner for the Oxyhydrogen Light -  with Exhibit

P Smellie

10 Jan 1923

That this Society Devotes Too Much Time to the Making of Pictures [Debate:  Negative]

P Smellie

3 Oct 1923

President’s Opening Address:  The Origins of Photography

Andrew Smith

4 Dec 1918

Photographic Technique

See Transactions of EPS, Jan 1919, pp.4-5 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Andrew Smith

15 Dec 1920

Printing  (daylight and gaslight)

Don Smith

17 Feb  1982

Natural History Photography

Duncan Smith

6 Apr 2011

Technology for Photographers  (digital)

H M Smith
Eastman Company

22 Nov 1892

“Solio Paper”  -  with demonstration 

Ian Smith

21 Nov 1956

One Man Show

Ian Smith

8 Oct 1969


Ian Smith

11 Oct 1972

Slides from the Archives  [lecturette]

Ian Smith

6 Jan 1999

Early Photographic Apparatus

John H Smith

14 Mar 1910

Lecture in Colour Photography

Libby Smith

30 Jan 2002

Changing my Angle of Vision

Libby Smith

22 Feb 2006

Altered Images  [prints]

Stephen Smith

3 Nov 1897

The Application of the Theory of Colour  [lecturette]

Prof. Piazzi Smyth

8 Dec 1869

A Poor Man’s Photography at the Great Pyramid compared with that of the Ordinance Survey dept. at the same place some four years later.  [illustrated]

Prof. Piazzi Smyth

25 Nov 1872

Old Pyramid photographs

A G Snell

22 Nov  1995

Colour in Focus

Bryan Snowball

8 Dec 1976

Take Two  [joint lecture]

Bryan  Snowball

12 Oct 1977

This is Audio Visual

G A Somerville

3 Sep 1952

Swiss Holiday

G A Somerville

8 Oct 1958

Dabbling in Colour  [lecturette]

E F Spaven

20 Oct 1920

Exposure  (composition, technique and quality)

E F Spaven

4 Jan 1922

The Gentle Art of Control

E F Spaven

4 Oct 1922

The Transactions of a Photographic Society 

E F Spaven

5 Dec 1923

The Principles of Oil and Bromoil Printing

E F Spaven

5 Dec 1923

The Principles of Oil and Bromoil Printing 

E F Spaven

17 Nov 1926

Mounting  [demonstration]

Richard Spiers

26 Mar 1997

An Evening with Richard Spiers  [slides]

D A Sprott

22 Apr 1970

Natural History in Colour and Monochrome

Brian J Sproule

19 Nov 1958

Club Night:  Control and Enlarging  [demonstration]

Brian J Sproule

12 Oct 1960

Landscape Photography in Monochrome and Colour

Brian J Sproule

12 Dec 1962

At Close Quarters [lecturette]

Brian J Sproule

17 Mar 1965

A Holiday in America

Brian J Sproule

26 Jan 1966

Pictorial Close-up Photography

Brian J Sproule

15 Apr  1970

Malta Holiday

Brian J Sproule

12 Dec  1973

My Way with 35mm Colour

Brian J Sproule

30 Oct 1985

Creative Colour Photography


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