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Thomas S Stobie

5 Feb 1947

The Police Photographer - Criminal and General

David Stout

12 Mar 1997

All Square  [slides]

David Stout
EPS Member, Northumberland

2 May 2001

Our American Experience  [joint lecture]

David Stout
EPS Member, Northumberland

18 Apr 2007

Crete and Beyond  (medium format slides)

David Stout
EPS Member, Ryton, Tyne & Weir

19 Oct 2011

In Alexander's Footsteps  (digital)

Eric Stoye

10 Apr 1968

Animal Photography with an Asahi Pentax

Mr Strathdee

2 Mar 1949

EPS in Retrospect

Mr Strathdee

9 Mar 1949


Mr Strathdee

11 Jan 1950

What Makes a Picture?

Donald Stuart

4 Feb 1998

The Way to a Panel  [two Dundee CC + two EPS Members]

Ian Struthers Stuart

5 Feb 1917

Simple Micro-Photography

William Stuart

4 Mar 1891

Gelatino-Chloride Papers and their Manipulation 

Peter  Stubbs

10 Nov 1993

Edinburgh at Work

Peter Stubbs

4 Dec 1996


Peter Stubbs

29 Mar 2000

[Comments on Prints in the Membersí Exhibition  [joint comments]

Peter Stubbs

26 Mar 2003

The Historic Image

Peter Stubbs

3 Dec 2008

Documentary Photography and web site

A R Sturrock

3 Dec 1924

A Chat on Art

A R Sturrock

18 Nov 1942


Thomas Sturrock

3 May 1865

Photography as an Instrument of Education

Keith Suddaby

21 Mar 1999

A Lot to Learn

Alan G Sutherland

24 Oct 1962


Alexander Sutherland

2 May 1906

The Proper Sphere of Photography

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1906, pp.130-135.

Ann Sutcliffe

11 Feb 2009

Keep on Running  (prints)

Thomas Sutton

21 Aug 1867

Reminiscences of an Old Photographer  [Paper read by EPS Secretary

John P Suverkrop

7 Feb 1883

Notes on Commercial Photography in the United States

Willy Suys
FIAP Patronage Officer

15 Sep 2010

[NCPF Scottish Lecture Tour]

Phil Swain

12 Mar 1986


Alastair Swan

26 Apr 2000

Lies, Damned Lies and Digital Imaging

Joseph W Swan

7 Jan 1880

Illustrations of the effect of various modifications on the Developing Solution in the development of Dry Plates

A Swanston

1 Nov 1961

Unusual Cameras  [joint lecture]  

Anne Swearman
Whitley Bay

14 Nov 2001

The Dry Darkroom 

G Sweetman

18 Apr 1956

Mountaineering with a Camera [lecturette]

William George Sym

1 Mar 1916

A Walk Round Mont Blanc

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1916, p.3 for a very brief account Dr Sym's lecture not the full text of the Paper.


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