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W K Wason

15 Jan 1862

Optical Laws involved in the Construction of Photographic Lenses

W K Wason

20 Apr 1864

Elementary Optics  [2nd Lecture in Experimental Photography]

W K Wason

17 Dec 1864

The Management of Photographic Societies

George  Waterston

11 Jan 1961

Ospreys Return and  Highland Birds [Centenary joint lecture]

Carol Watson
EPS Member, Northumberland

2 May 2001

Our American Experience  [joint lecture]

John Watson

2 Feb 1910

The Building of Holyrood Abbey Church as evidenced by the existing Remains  [Illustrated]

Mr Watson


On Wet Photography

John Watson ARIBA

2 Feb 1910

The Building of Holyrood Abbey Church as Evidenced by the Existing Remains.

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1910, pp.5-6  for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper for the reason below - this being a quote from pp.5-6.

"But for the rule, which precludes all but technical photographic papers being published in the 'Transactions' that of Mr Watson is well worthy of a place in the record of the Society's doings."

Thomas Watson

1 Nov 1865

The Influence of Photography

Eric Watt

8 Nov 1989

The Mosaic and Mystery of Light and Colour

George Watt

12 Dec 1956

Colour through the Year

J A Watt

20 Feb 1963

Photography in the Scottish Hills

To Watters

24 Mar 1999

Comments on Prints in the Membersí Exhibition  [joint comments]

Tom Watters

30 Jan 1991


John Watterson

16 Mar 1994

In the Mood


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