Copyright Notice

Alastair White

Thank you to Alastair White for allowing me to reproduce some postcards from the company J B White of Dundee.  This company was founded by Alastair's grandfather.

Alastair worked for J B White, then later founded 'Whiteholme of Dundee', another company that published postcards.

Cards Featuring Maps

The backs of some of the 'Whiteholme of Dundee' postcards featuring maps that I've added to the EdinPhoto web site include an acknowledgement to Douglas B Young for the artwork on the card. 

I've not been able to trace Douglas.  If you know how to contact him, please email me to let me know, so that I can ensure that he is happy for me to have included these card on the EdinPhoto web site.  Thank you.

NOTE:  Alastair White, former owner of the Whiteholme of Dundee' business tells me that:

-   Duggie (Douglas) Young, lived in Newport, Fife when he created the map cards

-   Duggie was a friend of Alastair's son.  However, Duggie and Alastair's son have now lost contact with each other.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  April 21, 2013