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Royden Wilkinson


I have reproduced a photograph of 'Robert the Bruce' one of the ferries that used to operate across the Firth of Forth at Queensferry, to the west of Edinburgh.  The photograph was taken by Royden Wilkinson.

At first I was unsuccessful in trying to track down Royden Wilkinson to seek permission to reproduce this photo, but I have now received the following message from Becky Inscore.  Thank you Becky.

Becky wrote:

"I saw your request about trying to trace Royden Wilkinson and I hope you are still needing the information.  Royden Wilkinson is Rev. Royden Wilkinson (unless this isn't the same man my father knew).  He was a great friend to my Grandfather, the Rev. Bob Guinn.  We lived in Russell County, VA and Rev. Wilkinson was a travelling guest speaker all over the U.S., and he even did missionary work abroad.  (My grandpa was a missionary to the Philippines).

Rev. Wilkinson was a wonderfully kind, generous, giving person, and I'm sure if he were still with us, he'd gladly give you permission to print his photograph.  I hope this helps you in your endeavor."

Becky Inscore:  May 23, 2008